FOAM Club is a novel educational conference format designed to teach attendees how to critically appraise blogs and podcasts. It builds on the traditional journal club format, and utilizes evidence based quality checklists that will enable learners to assess the quality of Free Open Access Medical Education resources for their own learning, as well as for sharing with colleagues and trainees.
This website contains all of the materials you will need to run a successful FOAM Club at your institution. You can download all of the resources in one convenient package.

Note: The Toolkit is a 181.7 MB archived zip file hosted on DropBox

Getting started

Start by reading the Instructor timeline and general overview. This will explain everything – trust us! The various files will allow you to plan and execute FOAM Club at your institution. Included are instructor’s guides, email templates, post-conference evaluation forms, as well as as PowerPoint and Keynote versions of a presentation that you can use during the conference. Though we think that we’ve provided everything you need to set up a presentation at your institution we recognize that you may have questions. That’s why we are happy to follow up on any issues, concerns and constructive feedback, and have included a convenient, secure form here. And finally, thank you for your interest in FOAM Club. We are passionate about asynchronous online education and FOAM, and are proud to share our work for FREE!


Daphne, Sarah, and Brad

We welcome your feedback and hope that FOAM Club will be a unique and valuable addition to your conference schedule!